Residential Cleaning

Keeping Your Home Clean

The team at Royalty Cleaning would be happy to schedule regular cleaning services to address your household cleaning needs. A busy schedule may not offer you time to handle big residential cleaning projects on your own. Royalty Cleaning would be happy to handle them for you. In addition to our many commercial clients, we make time to handle home cleaning projects for residents in Schenectady & Albany, NY; and throughout the Capital Region. 

Royalty Cleaning specializes in professional housekeeping services. Our team will sit down with you to map out a plan for regular cleaning services that will tackle all your housekeeping needs. Royalty Cleaning can perform all move in/out, spring, and regular cleaning services to give your house the look you want. We use environmentally friendly “green” housekeeping products to handle everything, including bathroom cleaning, laundry, floor polishing, and more. 
Cleaning Services, Royalty Cleaning

Move In/Out Cleaning

Royalty Cleaning can ensure a clean space for those moving into a new home or moving out of their current property. Since you’re spending your time focusing on the move, you don’t have time to handle all the various cleaning tasks that will keep the house clean. That’s why Royalty Cleaning is here to help. 
Spring Cleaning
If it’s time to totally clean out your home and get everything clean for a new season, Royalty Cleaning can help. We provide reliable and thorough spring cleaning services to remove all the clutter and contaminants from your home. We typically handle spring cleaning services once a year, and the work doesn’t have to be scheduled for spring only. 
Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly Cleaning
Instead of making time to clean your home yourself, you can contact Royalty Cleaning and schedule weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning services from our expert housekeepers. Our team is fully insured and bonded to handle dusting, vacuuming, mopping, polishing, and all other cleaning chores. 
Renovation Cleaning 
If you’re embarking on a home renovation project, Royalty Cleaning can help you clean up the mess left behind. Our experienced team handles construction and renovation site cleaning, including dusting, scrubbing floors, and trash removal using environmentally friendly products. 
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