Floor Services

Floor Stripping, Waxing, and Burnishing

Are the floors of your Albany home looking old and faded? Do they have pit marks, scuffs, bubbles, traffic patterns or scratches? Royalty Cleaning is here to bring your floors back to their original condition. No matter the condition of your floor, our professional team has the knowledge to restore it and the experience to get the job done with efficiency.

Hardwood and vinyl floors are strong and durable, but they still need help if you want them to stay in top-quality condition. Let Royalty Cleaning revitalize the floors in your Albany home. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Floor Stripping

Over time floor wax collects debris from the continued traffic it deals with as well as pollutants in the air. This is what causes waxed floors to yellow over time, and it can make your floors look worn and dirty – because they are. Floor stripping is performed to clear away this old wax so that all the embedded dirt can be removed and the floor can be properly cleaned.
Floor Waxing
A good floor wax doesn’t just make your floor look great, but it also protects your floor from the wear and tear it goes through. This added layer of protection is needed on a wide variety of floors to keep them looking good and undamaged for years to come.
Burnishing is a very high-powered buffing done to floors. A burnishing machine spins much faster than a buffing machine, which allows it to give that shine to floors that we all know and love.

Royalty Cleaning can provide floor services for a number of different surfaces, including: 

• Hardwood • Vinyl • Ceramic • Linoleum • Cement • Concrete • Terrazzo • Marble

If you need floor cleaning services, contact Royalty Cleaning. We are open 7 days a week and can provide estimates on all floor cleaning services. 
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